Managing director and founder of Agence C is Caroline Van Keymeulen.

Late nineties

Caroline takes care of the reception at various congresses and seminars. She also sees to the reception, promotions, sport events and road shows for KBC, Mercedes, Smart, Société Générale, …


Caroline selects the appropriate profiles for different companies at Brussels Motor Show, among which Mercedes, Smart, Peugeot and Citroën. She also accurately selects hostesses for exhibitors at the Millionaire Fair.

She gets to work with commercial broadcasting stations VTM and VT4/VijfTV as well.


Caroline supports pre-selections of television shows like Wipe Out (a collaboration between VMMa and Endemol) and organizes castings for companies herself.


Caroline decides to unite her activities in the company Agence C. She selects the Agence C “People” personally and bases herself on strict criteria, in order to deploy only the best employees for your company or organization.


Agence C still selects "people" according to the philosophy of 2009. In the meantime, Agence C has grown into an agency that employs project managers, a casting manager and several freelance employees to serve the client even better.

Autumn 2020

Agence C and Proteine are joining forces. This amalgamation is a logical consequence of some successful collaborations in previous years. Because both hostess agencies share common standards and values as well as being complementary in services and regional coverage, customers will be served even more easily. Crew will be offered even more work.

Agence C is more than a hostess agency. Your brand is our concern.


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