Vision & Values

The aim of Agence C is to provide multinationals as well as SME's in various sectors with a national network of highly qualified hostesses and promotion people. We represent a professional approach with no empty promises to our customers, with honest and open communication. Just tell us what you need and we take care of a fast and proper follow-up of your request.

In order to guarantee the quality of our database, we subject our candidate-employees to a strict screening procedure and provide our new candidates a profound training. Professionalism, kindness and 100 % commitment is expected from all our employees. Our senior employees are kept alert as well: a specific instruction is drawn up for each project, and, if necessary, our people are provided with an adjusted training. By this, we ensure professional self-development of our employees.

Agence C also pays a lot of attention to the language skills of its employees. In the recruiting process, fluency in Dutch, French and English of the candidates is extensively tested. This information and possible knowledge of other languages is accurately recorded in our database. We can thus recruit the right employees who meet the language requirements set by you, so you will never experience an unpleasant surprise.

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. Agence C shall make every effort to find the right people for your event or campaign. The agency also offers solid back office support of every action. Each project is subsequently followed by an evaluation, so adjustments could be made if necessary, against the backdrop of future projects. Only in this way a good, long-term bond of trust can be created between both parties.

Agence C stands for innovation as well: the agency strives constantly to respond to the latest changes in the technological field and the world of social media. It is, for example, possible to continuously provide you with iPads. You may also find us on social media networks like Facebook and YouTube.

Our agency also prioritizes respect for diversity and the environment. Respect for diversity is reflected in the composition of our database: every candidate who meets certain conditions (friendly, charisma, committed, reliable,...) is listed in our database, irrespective of race, religion, origin, ... Likewise, Agence C does not overlook the environment: our clothing is always washed ecologically and our promotion bags are as well 100% ecologic. 

In short, if you opt for Agence, you choose an agency which guarantees a professional approach with no empty promises, quality, an approach tailor-made to your company/organization, customer satisfaction and innovation, with the necessary respect for diversity and the environment.

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