Are you organizing an event, congress, party, seminary, exhibition, fair or salon?
In that case, the presence of professional and warm hostesses is vital. We have an extensive database of hosts and hostesses who can be deployed in a multifunctional manner.

Our multilingual hostesses welcome your guests with a smile and the essential dash. They may be hired as well as accompanies to your guests, recorders of data or servants. Your cloakroom needs attendance? No problem, our ladies are also deployable there!

If you organize a grand VIP-event or festivity with strict protocol, our ladies are trained in advance and instructed in detail, so you are able to focus on your own activities carefree.

At fairs and salons, our employees are prepared to welcome visitors warmly, maintain your tradeshow booth and register clients. They may also support your sales team in gaining leads.

Our hostesses are screened thoroughly before we entrust them to you. The quality of the service they offer you is esteemed highly. Actually, they are your calling card as well as ours!

Promoteams & Brand ambassadors

Promoteams & Brand ambassadors

You like to promote a product or service or engage in brand activation?
Agence C is the place to look! We have a vast team of spontaneous promotion girls and boys and charismatic brand ambassadors at our disposal!

Our promotion team can be deployed for the purposes of advertising, sampling, manning your promotion stand, street marketing, champagne tables … Our employees are expected to be enthusiastic and spontaneous, in order to promote your product or service in the best possible way.

You may appeal to our brand ambassadors for road shows, festivals, street marketing, … Agence C ensures the charisma of our employees complements to your brand and the concept you endorse by the activity. By choosing representative, enthusiastic employees, the chance of an advantageous contribution to your positioning in the market and sales figures will only increase. 

Event models

Event models

Would you like to recruit models for your event, fair or salon? Agence C is able to provide you with suitable models for every unique activity.

At Agence C, you can hire models with the right looks and sizes as well as the necessary competences. We require our event models to act professionally, be service-oriented and have a friendly personality. 

Parking boys & Stewards

Parking boys & Stewards

In case you wish to guarantee the guests on your event a fluent parking facility, you may hire our parking boys. They are provided with adjusted clothing and materials: every parking boy receives a Red Cone Cap kit with flashlight and fluorescent equipment, in order to ensure their visibility. Our capable employees will make sure your guests are able to park safely and smoothly.  

This team is also able to fulfill the function of "charioteer": our employees can park the cars of your guests themselves and keep the keys schematically, and/or drop off your guests at the entrance of the event location in a vehicle provided for this purpose.

They are perfectly qualified as well to fulfill the role of steward  and take care of the accompaniment of  your guests or clients to and from the airport/station/hotel. 



Your event has been organized superbly, but you still need somebody who could announce, keep an eye on the time and take care of fluent transitions? You are on television, your corporate film is shot, you have a fully completed script, but no one who could present your story in a professional way?

Agence C is your perfect partner in this case! We work together with experienced, professional and enthusiastic show hosts. We always seek the host who is the best match for your event or narrative! In order to ensure a real match between our employees and your project, we would be happy to organize a casting for this purpose.

More Event staff & artists

More Event staff & artists

Dancers - Photographers - Stylists & Make-up artists - Event coordinators - ...


Do you wish to hire dancers at your event?
Agence C is the right choice! We provide you with professional dancers for shows at your corporate event, glamour party, opening,...  They can also be deployed as eye catcher for your company or organization at grand events and festivals. A guaranteed spectacle!

Our dancers have several costumes in stock, but in case you wish to make your own outfits, our stylists are present to help you. Our make-up artists will be happy to take care of professional make-up of the dancers.


Are you in need of a photographer for the purpose of a photo shoot, product presentation or evocative images?
Agence C cooperates with several freelance photographers for different purposes. We are very aware of the importance of qualitative images for the support of your communication. For this reason, we only cooperate with professional, experienced photographers.

Stylists & Make-up artists

Our hostesses, promotion teams and event people are not only our calling card, but also yours at your event or campaign. It is of paramount importance their looks are flawless, in order to be beneficial to the positive image of your company or organization with regard to your guests or clients.  

Hence, Agence C employs an experienced team of freelance stylists and make-up artists. In case you hire them, they will take care of proper clothing, styling and make-up of our employees, in accordance with your image.

Our stylists are able to invent, in consultation with you, the perfect look for the selected team. They can cooperate with our permanent tailor in designing the clothes, so you are ensured of a unique style. In case a more modest approach is appealing, you could always hire clothing: we offer you a wide range of elegant dresses and women's suits, as well as glamour outfits and theme costumes.

Our make-up artists are trained in creating various make-up looks. After consultation with you, they will select a make-up style which fits the invented concept perfectly. If you wish, our hostesses/promotion teams will be trained by one of our make-up artists, so they are able to apply their own make-up. Very convenient at actions or events which require a special kind of make-up.

Our stylists and make-up artists are employable to take care of styling and make-up of show hosts (hired by you). You may appeal to us for occasional as well as permanent orders.

Event coordinators

Do you organize a major event, but nobody is available to coordinate the "people" at your event?
Do not worry, since Agence C also employs freelance event coordinators. In case you decide to recruit an event coordinator, you do not need to worry about managing hostesses or promotion teams employed at your event. He/she monitors the presence of employees, is the central contact person for clients and employees, intervenes in case of problems and manages all staff administration. We are at your disposal during the entire event by having an employee on site.

You can count on a severe professional attitude of our event coordinators, so the name of your company or organization as well as the name of Agence C is safeguarded during the event.


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